SEO Training

Get an SEO training and learn quickly how to optimize your website!

Get an SEO Training

What is our SEO Course

We offer an SEO course to help you gain an understanding of Google algorithms and learn to optimize a website to get on top of search results. As the industry is constantly evolving, we will give you the most up to date training to teach you the SEO best practices in 2020, including:

  • How to understand search behavior
  • How to optimize your website for different types of search intent
  • How to target keywords with Keyword Research
  • How to build a content strategy
  • How to implement on-site and technical SEO
  • How to build natural backlinks
  • What SEO tools to use to track your performance

You can choose the course format that you prefer including one of the options below:

  • A video call
  • One-on-one training

Who is our SEO Training for?

The training is for anyone who needs to bring more traffic to their website and better convert users. Whether you’re a business owner, a blogger, or a marketing specialist, you need to learn the SEO fundamentals to improve your website’s performance and get more leads, more traffic or more sales.

Each one of our clients has different goals. This is why we adapt our SEO training to your business needs and teach you techniques that will grow your website but also resonate with your audience.

SEO Copywriting Training

Learning how to write copy for both users and search engines is the key to improving your website rankings. We will train you on SEO copywriting best practices to help you build the content you need to build your online search presence.

With our SEO training, you will learn how to:

  • Do keyword research to find the most relevant keywords for your site
  • Optimize your website copy
  • Create SEO-friendly Heading tags
  • Use keywords in Meta tags
  • Plan and implement a Content strategy
  • Measure & Track your website performance

Learn from an SEO Expert

You’ll learn from an SEO professional who has been successfully building and implementing SEO strategies for brands and business owners. We will also send you the expert’s profile so you can review their strong background.